Gum 84 (Sh2-54) region and the Eagle Nebula (M16) in the constellation Serpens, together with the Omega Nebula (M17) in the constellation Sagittarius, line up in the center part of the Milky Way galaxy. I am always fascinated by the rich features of this area and the surroundings.

The attempt was done in my city backyard. I tried a couple of color palettes and decided that a modified SHO palette expose the most details from narrowband channels. It’s kind of a “dark theme” style. The whole image is made of 3 panels shot at 318mm focal lens with the ASI1600mm-Pro’s 4/3 sensor. I might try to make a “natural color palette” version later. Hmm…

But, I love the starless version so much. Much much more dramatic.

I am glad that 9 narrowband masters and 9 RGB masters all come together successfully. The mosaic integration function of Astro Pixel Processor really delivers.

It’s a quite long project over 40 nights (Gosh… ? !). Learned quite a bit about the filters and the trade-off of the fast optics (well, fast optics really have a serious performance impact by the sky glows from the heavy light pollution. I truly hope it could deliver at the dark sites!)

2020/05/29 ~ 2020/08/09