Finally got the chance to take shots for the NEOWISE! Simply just don’t want to wait another 6800 years.

I haven’t used DSLR to take pictures of the night sky for a long long time. Feels pretty good. The night sky at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge is about Bortle class 5. Not the best place but the closest one for me. Lots of bright light sources all around on the horizon. It’s a fun trip. The comet started to be visible to naked eyes about 9:50 pm. And it could be observed all the way to 11:15 pm before it fell into the ground light pollution.

#1: 70mm, ISO3200, 5s, 60 shots. Stacked with Starry Landscape Stacker for the first time!
#2: 200mm, ISO20000, 2s, 60 shots.
#3: 24mm, ISO6400, 5s, single shot.

Nothing fancy, pure fun.