Sharpless 280 – An Emission Nebula in Monoceros

SH2-280 (LBN 970) region is right under the much-loved Rosette Nebula. It’s an H-II emission region with an interesting shape. The shock front surrounding the star HD46573 is quite remarkable in the Blue, Green, and O-III channels. Most of the interesting structures are close to the center of SH2-280. For structural presentation, the S-II channel is better than the H-alpha channel in my opinion. The H-alpha region is massive, smooth, and strong. This is a typical H-II region with large areas of red color.

I was expecting to present some structural differences between the narrowband data and broadband data. The result didn’t come out as I would expect. The RGB color came out not as contrasty as I expected. The region is bright in the luminance channel – making the LRGB view pretty washed out. My suggestion is that the SH2-280 is a narrowband target and quite suitable for backyard imaging. Not much fancy stuff could be extracted from the broadband channels. 

The final result is still a blend with both narrowband and broadband data. I do like the background luminance from the broadband channel. Well… maybe I just don’t want to give up on the good LRGB data. 

Cheers & CS!