LBN 331 – On the Wavefront

Actually, there are many LBNs in the region. The original plan was to capture some details of the H-II structures with the TOA-130NS. Later the plan was adjusted to use FSQ-106EDX for a wide-field image. The Ha and S-II channels pretty much overlap with each other. There was way less O-III data collected. These factors made the processing pretty challenging. 

One nice surprise is that one “Unpublished New Discovery” StDr-139 by the team of  @Marcel Drechsler got captured in this image. Only in the O-III channel that this object could be seen. On the other hand, it’s “bright” compared to other super dim objects, such as Ou4. I believe it could be captured from city backyards on the O-III channel. 

Update: Just got an email from Marcel that the DrSt 139 now is officially confirmed.  Congratulations to @Marcel Drechsler and @Xavier STROTTNER !  Also, @Ola Skarpen SkyEyE just published a “portrait” image for this new PN – “NEW DISCOVERY: Strottner-Drechsler 139 / Skarpen’s nebula”

Another interesting subject is the Planetary Nebula NGC6884. I didn’t notice it at all when looking at the broadband data. But it shines in the O-III master. According to Steve Gottlieb: “Fairly bright, very small, high surface brightness … excellent contrast gain with the OIII filter.”. In the visible spectrum range, it’s bright on both 445nm and 551nm emission lines.

Cheers & CS!