The Great Orion Nebula

Some might say this is the “entry-level” target. I would disagree. The M42 is the toughest bright target ever. It took quite a long time for planning, test shots, and studying images from the elite imagers. And here goes again complaining about the winter weather this year. Getting one-night good seeing is like hitting the jackpot. 

This image is an HDR composite of 12s/120s/300s exposures on Red, Green, and Blue channels. The full well depth of the IMX455 sensor is amazing. On the f7.7 TOA-130NS refractor, the core is still there in the 300s subs. Just the stars are bloated. The narrowband data popped colors here and there – not much gain in the final result. Got another set of data with FSQ-106EDX’s much wider FOV. Will process a different version when enough motivation is gathered.

Cheers and CS!