The challenge of NGC 2359 is not about the O-III – the O-III signal is surprisingly strong. The hard part is the background H-II regions. I am still not sure if I captured enough. Well, there were many chances when the moon was out and bright. 🙂

Still, I should’ve captured the S-II channel. But I didn’t. During the processing, it’s obvious that one color layer is missing – the “golden touch” of the bright edges.

Deconvolution had an obvious boost on both Ha and O-III masters. I did a test drive on Topaz DeNoise AI to see how much more detail enhancement could be done. Possibly the deconvolution did most of the job already, or I just don’t like the artifacts introduced by Topaz DeNoise AI’s algorithm, I stayed with the result from the deconvolution.

Maybe there is still time for the S-II channel. Maybe at the end of the year.


The little ball shape object at the lower-left corner is a PN.

PHR J0719-1222 — Planetary Nebula


Added 3.83 hours of S-II to the blend. Can’t wait for the winter of 2021! 🙂