Gamma Cygni Nebula and Sadr

Sadr is really powerful. In the wide-band dataset, it shines across half of the FOV. The natural palette of the Sadr Region is fascinating with strong dark structures. The narrowband data set collection is still ongoing. Not even Chroma 3nm narrowband filters could handle the bright star. H-alpha, Sulphur-II, and Oxygen-III filters all have halos around Sadr. 

About the color of Sadr, it should be “… Sadr is a supergiant star of the spectral type F8 Iab, appearing yellow-white in color…“. Confirmed by the Photometry-based Color Calibration process.

The lone bright star seems quite dull in the middle of the composition. Starspikes Pro is used to touch up the surroundings of Sadr to make the final image more balanced and overall prettier. 

Just love the colors and the boldness, the narrowband version can wait. 

Clear Skies!