… Back to how it all started …

It was a nice trip to West Texas over the new moon weekend. I brought along the ultra-widefield setup that has never been put into action. I Keep dreaming about maybe one day I can put all these into a backpack and go to the Southern part of the globe.

– AZ-GTi (controlled by SGP, a portable GOTO!)
– Sigma ART 50mm/f1.4
– AstroMechanics EF Focus Control Module (54mm)
– QHY168c

Pretty sure I made the mistake setting the gain way too low. Too few chances to visit the dark-site and have no idea what’s the proper settings for the OSC. The plan was to shoot a 2-panel mosaic covering the Rho Ophiuchi. But failed to bring out the colors (definitely will try again!).

Not much processing done. Only Photoshop was used (except for the non-linear conversion – it was done in PixInsight). No flats, no darks, no biases were used to calibrate the raw frames.