This is the second “All-Backyard” project – all the data captured at home, including narrowband channels and RGB channels. By far this is the largest backyard project I’ve ever attempted, with total 46 hours of data. Plus the discarded frames, the project easily tops 50 hours of imaging, all from Bortle class 9 backyard in Texas summer nights (at this very moment, it’s 36C at 9pm. The ASI1600mm-Pro can only go down to -8C with 100% cooling effort. Geez…). The data was collected over 11 nights between 07/25/2019 and 08/13/2019. Can’t believe it’s done… 🙂

Learned a lot from the discussions with my APer buddies. The RGB star layer improved dramatically and became much easier to control in post processing. As of the narrowband colors, I still prefer to have more red presenting the H-alpha channel. Maybe it’s just me.

An SHO alike version created with the same set of data, different cropping.

IIAPY 2020 Highly commended Award: The Misty Elephant’s Trunk Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2020 – Stars and Nebula – Royal Museums Greenwich